Oct.  5th -9th Annual ATL Hip Hop Day  -Atlanta, GA

​Mar. 16 - Jeezy - Memphis, TN

3rd Annual Michigan Chicken Wing Festival - Adado Riverfront Park (downtown), Lansing, MI 

Ceo Carter Clothing Line "ICeo Collection" has embarks on the industry.  Check them out on the Big Carterl.


​May 25 - 28 Las Vegas, NV

Feb. 25 -  TBA

                   Atlanta, GA

Release of Mixtape

    1 Up

“Everything comes to him who hustle while he waits” – Thomas A. Edison

Michigan 1st Chicken Wing Festival - Riverfront Park - Lansing, MI

Available on ITunes, www.CeoCarter.bandcamp.com 

C.E.O. Carter, born Sherrod Miguel Carter, June 6, 1988 (80’s Baby); got his name from his desire to start his own clothing line; but because of his love for music, he decided to pursue his music career first; with later plans of launching his up and coming line of sleek casual wear for young men and women.  He decided on the acronym because of the journey that’s set before him would entail him to fulfill each letter of the acronym; Conquering Every Obstacles to be successful in his endeavors.

About Ceo Carter

Mar. 11 -  Cush Stock

                 San Bernadino, CA

May 6 The Loft

               Lansing, MI

Release of Single


Feb. 19 -  TBA - Atlanta, GA 


AUA Show - GME Sports Lounge & Grill, ATL

2nd Annual Michigan Chicken Wing Festival - Adado Riverfront Park (downtown), Lansing, MI 

   Release of Single -


Nov. 14- Riff Riff Show - Ashville, SC

       Release of Album -


Release of Single

Go Get it

Release of Mixtape

Cookin Up - Vol I

Jan 13th - Headlining @ MAC's Bar

​                         Lansing, MI

Co- Host -  Art Heart ATL Live

Rondo Days Festival

​Tribute to Prince

St. Paul, MN

Crows Net

Atlanta, GA

Mar. 12 The Study

                 Hollywood, CA

 Release of New Single -                                  "Something 2 Prove"

Previous Shows/ Events - 2015 - 2018

Co-Host of Radio Show on Fringe Radio..ATL

Ceo Carter

official website

Oct. 7- AC3 - Atlanta, GA

Release of Single

  I  Want

'Carter has many problems in common with his competition in the genre - but 'Confessions' transcends the usual fare by its wit, sincerity and lyrical flow.'

Sept. 2 -Peezy -  Lansing, MI

Jan. 29 -  Faces in the Crowd - New York, NY


Release of Single

Foreign Touch

Apr. 29 -  Apollo Theater - Harlem, NY

Feb. 18 - All-Star Weekend

      ​       Wonderland Producion Studios

             New Orleans

Jan. 26 - The Music Room

​                 Atlanta, GA

MAC's Bar - Lansing, MI

April 30 The ILounge

                 Atlanta, GA

Sept. 3 - Curren$y - Lansing, MI

The Michigan Chicken Wing Festival

                  Lansing, MI

Jan. 10th - Launching of " I Ceo                                    Collection"  - Clothing 

Sept. 3 - Nipsey Hussel- Lansing, MI

Sept. 2 - Veezo- Lansing, MI